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Change Management


Continuously Contributing to the organization’s growth and competitive advantage, addressing the ever increasing end user systems and technologies made possible only by adopting to the changing enterprise needs. Our Organizational Chang management System (OCMS) focuses on adapting to the new requirements of the world and yet stays with implementation of OCMS.

Our distinctive approach to business transformation and change management differentiates between transformational and transactional change and is more effective than simply replacing a part of system which just performs the old previous process.


Our OCMS enables organizations to identify the changes needed to achieve reputation of Success.

  • Business Transformation with Compatible Technology
  • Service Quality Alignment
  • Matching Business Process Requirements
  • Departmental Change and Transition Management
  • Project Management

Ensuring the progress towards the destination while implementing Organizational Change is critical; our expertise team keeps their views to;

> Ensure that timely and appropriate actions are taken to mitigate organizational and human risks regarding project     success

> Focusing organizational changes towards the realization of project benefits

> Eliminate adverse impact of changes on business operations.

> Precise and Improved reporting of change effectiveness

Baron IT Solutions offers its clients the possibility of structuring a customized System that includes a complete OCMS training program tailored to a customer’s specific needs, as well as an OCMS coaching option, onsite or remote.