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Partnership Programs


Benefits of Being a Partner with us!

Baron IT Solutions has strategically opened to partnering with deserving and yearning partners. We will only deliver its services through the well-knit Partner Network. The probable partners will have sound knowledge in their respective domains and have good client communication strategies. This Partnership program is designed to mutually complement and leverage the positive sides of Baron IT Solutions’ Services and win more businesses mutually.

Portfolios of the Partner and

The On-shore Partner will be responsible to Coordinate and nurture the relationship with the client and give them a front-end comfort factor while trying to improve the volume of business. The Onshore Partner will not be required to intervene in day-to-day time-consuming operations. The Onshore partner will be responsible for the following activities :

        http://www.siriuscorporation.com/images/Bullet_Orange.gif    Business generation activity

        http://www.siriuscorporation.com/images/Bullet_Orange.gif    Signing Work orders and Contracts

        http://www.siriuscorporation.com/images/Bullet_Orange.gif    Invoicing and Payment Collections

        http://www.siriuscorporation.com/images/Bullet_Orange.gif    Transition of new projects and Resolve any client issues that may arise

        http://www.siriuscorporation.com/images/Bullet_Orange.gif    Train the clients wherever necessary on the Software and Tools of Baron IT Solutions

Baron IT Solutions as the Off-shore Partner will be in the back end and will be empowering the Onshore Partner to complete the execution cycle.

Baron IT Solution will be involved in the day-to-day production activities and the responsibilities in a broad spectrum are listed below:

        http://www.siriuscorporation.com/images/Bullet_Orange.gif    Upon signing new Contracts by the Partner, Designing and Overseeing the Transition process offshore

        http://www.siriuscorporation.com/images/Bullet_Orange.gif    Work force mobilization based on the Projects and Training them to the requirement

        http://www.siriuscorporation.com/images/Bullet_Orange.gif    Delivering Work in the client acceptable quality as per the Service Level Agreement

        http://www.siriuscorporation.com/images/Bullet_Orange.gif    Sending out monthly Work completion report to Partner and facilitate Invoicing

Baron IT Solutions will be supporting our partner in all the way possible for a positive gain.

Partnership - A Win-Win Equation

While sharing the work involved in a complete project cycles both the offshore and onshore partners are able to work together on their respective "Core Competence Areas" and moreover facilitate the client towards a Comfortable, Smoother ON and OFF shoring experience to get Quality Work at Competitive rates.

This in turn helps our Client to bring efficiency into their operations by way of focusing themselves into their "Core Competence Areas" and stay ahead of their own Competitors.

Interested to Explore further?

Sirius looks forward to hear from Potential Partners Our representatives could fix up a date to meet up and further discuss and explore the vast opportunities. Also if you wish offline communication drop your interest mail to sales@baronitsolutions.com


Reasons to partner with us:

Our “Out-sourcing and off-shoring Partner programs” will pass benefits to our valuable clients in terms of reducing the operational cost and increasing ROI.

How this works?

Our partners will continue to servicing their existing clients. Through the back-office, Baron IT Solutions will be supporting our partners in all the way our partners’ services are enhanced. Baron IT Solutions will sign a non-disclosure agreement with its partners for protecting their identity and ownership.


Our partners will be able to provide to their clients, tremendous value in terms of services and solutions. Our partners will not only increase their ROI, but also provide the best services to their clients at a very competitive pricing.

What we provide to partners?

Baron IT Solutions will provide full support to its partners in creating end-to-end IT/ITeS solutions and as well as assist partners during their customer interactions by providing the necessary collaterals to successfully win the business opportunity.


Baron IT Solutions will execute all necessary agreements and legal documents to protect the privacy, confidentiality and rights of its partners, while executing any contracts in the future.